BadMouth is a story with 7 arcs following the structure of a circus show and follows the adventure of main character: Pippin Pritchett who is looking to become a goddess for reasons currently unknown. Once famous for a ghost-circus birthed from a suitcase of old teeth, Pippin is cursed with the expectations of her family, its history and how it competes against her own morals and ambition.

Jay: Story, Thumbnails, Pencils, Inks
Tasha: Colours


Released, May 2017

The series begins with Pippin searching for answers that might help her with the mysterious individuals chasing her down.  She bumps into a moth-person named Matty who just happens to know the person with the answers Pippin is looking for.

Book Specs
Author(s): J. Kiakas
Published: Windy & Wallflower
Print: Le Caius du Livre
Style: Full colour
Size: 8 x 6 Inches
Page Count: 92
ISBN-13: 978-0-9959003-0-1
Content Warning: 13+ (violence, swearing)


Act I

Coming Soon.

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