Enamel Pins

Windy & Wallflower has designed a variety of collections of enamel pins differing in style, size and design.  While these are not story-related projects they still make up a part of Windy & Wallflower’s work and are worth celebrating!


Collection // Greek Mythology

Kickstarter, June 2019  // Released, July 2019

This collection began similarly to the Universe collection in which Presephone and Hades were the test for this collection.  Then a Kickstarter was created to fund the entire set of Olympians (with the addition of a few mortals and a small set of Heroes).


Collection // Universe

Kickstarter, January 2018  // Released, May 2018 / 2019

This collection began as a small test with Jupiter and Saturn being sold at conventions during Fall 2017.  The two planets were a big hit so the project was taken to Kickstarter where the original set was funded (along with a few extra goodies).  In 2019 the planets were redesigned with a greater knowledge of pin-creation in mind.


Collection // Bone Bed

Released, September 2017

A series of pins loosely based off documented Fossils.  This collection initially began with Tyrannosaurus Rex and Archeopteryx and with the excitement from prehistoric enthusiasts, Aerodactylus and Microraptor were added.

Aerodactylus — The Broili Specimen (some discrepancy)
Tyrannosaurus Rex — Black Beauty


Collection // Supernatural Monsters

Released, September 2017 / May 2018 / February 2019

A group of pins around the theme or supernatural Monsters~!

A duo of vampire-inspired pins with suggestive queer themes.

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