Windy & Wallflower is a collaborative effort between two queer creators: J. Kiakas and Tasha Mukanik. Currently situated in Montreal, Canada, their main focus is on comics and storytelling, as well as self publishing and printing their own works.

J (Wallflower) is from Quebec and dabbles in just about any kind of storytelling, be it writing, comics and even animation. They have a wonderful ability to invite you into their worlds and immerse you for as long as you need, with gorgeous poetic writing and emotional journeys. You can find their site here.

Tasha (Windy) is from Alberta and has always been doodling comics, from childhood to the margins of her schoolwork. She loves creating fun, colourful characters and worlds to entertain the reader and maybe even put a smile on their face. Her stories often involve her interests such as music, or dinosaurs, and sometimes those things together. She doesn’t have a website yet but she really should, gosh.

This site has a collection of summaries of both J and Tasha’s works–either their separate or collaborative efforts. Each one has the place to purchase or read them–so if one catches any interest, feel free to click through and read on.