Enamel Pins

Windy & Wallflower has designed a variety of enamel pins. You can purchase these pins in our shop. Many of them are a part of different sets:

Universe Pins

A series of pins artistically crafted to interpret the planets (and 3 dwarf planets) of our solar system.  This project was funded through Kickstarter!


Bonebed Pins

A series of pins loosely based off documented Fossils!

  • Aerodactylus — The Broili Specimen (some discrepancy)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex — Black Beauty


Hades & Persephone

A pin-set created for The Myth about Myths Kickstarter using symbolism associated with King and Queen of the Underworld: Hades  and Persephone.


Yum & Delicious

A duo of vampire-inspired pins with suggestive queer themes.

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