VVV Trilogy

VVVTRILOGY is a group of three illustrated books that can be read in any order the reader chooses to read them in. 

Each book follows the pivotal arcs at different points in Oliver Sanswicky’s life: as a young boy, as an older teen and as a young man.  The stories use poetic imagery and themes to encapsulate the extreme whirlwind of emotions and trials the main character is set to face.  The idea that the stories can be read in any order sets a tone for the confusion and parsing of the character’s life events.

Oliver is a demi-god, his mother hid this from him, for his own protection and his own detriment.  Various antagonists seek to take advantage of his naivete, his impressionable stature and his potential for sheer power. In the end, is the choice ever his own? Oliver struggles with the concepts of physical freedom and free-will.

VVVTrilogy is a story about a struggle against authority and adulthood, coming to terms with one’s own choices, consequences and repercussions told through the genre of science-fiction and fantasy fused together.  In a way, it is a coming-of age story through heart-ache, hard ship.  Facing a boiling internal conflict and harsh external struggles.

If you would like to read excerpts from the books they can be read on the VVVTrilogy Website Here.

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