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    February update: kickstarter launch

    Hello everyone! This newsletter update brings you some exciting news: we have launched the Theropod Dinosaur cards campaign!! Most of this newsletter will be covering that, but we have some other fun announcements, too. First, on to the main show! The latest campaign for our first ever deck of cards is live as of TODAY. We are incredibly excited to bring this project to life, and we are truly proud of the work we’ve created for it. The cards came out gorgeous, and we hope you all will enjoy playing with them! (The prototype we have has already been tested thoroughly, and we loved it). Each face card is designed…

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    Halloween Sale on our Shop Now!

    The Halloween Spooky Sale is going on right now on our shop, until the 31st! We have some great deals on plenty of our spooky books and pins, some for the first time! Check out what we have here! Here are some highlights: Our Vampire x Werewolf series Paint the Town Red is both on sale (along with our vampire-y and werewolf-y merch!). Paint the Town Red is a comic series following Winny Barlowe, her vampire partner Vic Darling, and a large array of other characters in the city of Merlot–which appears to have more going on than meets the eye. Our newest installment, Volume 2, was released this year,…

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    The King’s Grave Dinosaur Blanket: Now on Kickstarter

    Our latest Kickstarter is currently underway, having launched on August 31st and funded in the first few hours! This is a short and simple Kickstarter for us, focusing on one product: the blanket itself. Here are some photos: The blanket is 50×60″, fitting perfectly on a queen sized bed. The campaign is slated to end on September 16th, so if you want to grab one for yourself now is the time! We will not be running a Backerkit campaign when this ends. Check it out here! Have a good one, W&W

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    Prism Knights: Now on Kickstarter

    It’s here! We have officially launched the first Kickstarter of 2021: Prism Knights! It was launched on June 8th, and to our absolute amazement, it already funded within the first few hours. It now stands having unlocked some stretch goals, before even making this announcement. So, this will go over the Kickstarter itself, what you can get, and what stretch goals we hope to unlock. Click the image above or here to go to the Kickstarter page. What is Prism Knights? Prism Knights is a series of short novels written by J, about queer knights, based around fairy tales–that’s the tagline we use during our newsletters, but since this is…