Prism Knights

Prism Knights is a series of short stories that explore strong emotional themes and queerness through a fantasy lens. This series contains loose depictions of European fairy tales.

The Books

Content Warning: 16+ (violence, sexual themes)

Book Specs:
AUTHOR(S): Winter J.Kiakas
PUBLISHED: Windy & Wallflower
PRINTER(S): Le Caïus du Livre & Marquis
STYLE: Greyscale // Prose
SIZE: 3 x 7.5 inches


Released November 2017 // 4 Print Runs
84 pages // ISBN: 978-0-9959003-4-9 
Cover Artist – Harriet Moulton

Coquelicot follows Fern, a lesbian knight who finds a princess locked in a tower. She is immediately enamoured by the princess’ skill with a sword and the two find a mutual love for bloodshed and evil deeds. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel.


Released November 2019 // 2 Print Runs
84 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-01-0 
Cover Artist – Gisele Weaver

Bronze follows Saeth, a nonbinary and asexual knight who falls down a steep ravine, knocked unconscious by their fall. They find themself waking up again and again for days caught in a time loop. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.


Released January 2022 // 1 Print Run
84 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-13-3
Cover Artist – NJ Barna

Lamplight follows Agatha, a trans knight who is trapped in a prison of her own making. She becomes reclusive in a castle, fighting off her own demons until another knight rescues her. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.


Released September 2021 // 1 Print Run
84 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-12-6 
Cover Artist – Jeff Johnson

Juniper follows Dorian, a gay knight who is running from past mistakes. He stumbles into a blacksmith, falling head over heels for him before he disappears mysteriously one day. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale, Cinderella.


Released November 2018 // 3 Print Runs
84 pages // ISBN: 978-1-7751641-6-6
Cover Artist – Corviday

Sapphire follows Ivy, a pansexual knight who struggles to cope with her own inner demons. She finds love an acceptance within a dragon and a royal she forms a polycule with. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.


Released May 2018 // 3 Print Runs
84 pages // ISBN: 978-1-7751641-3-5
Cover Artist – Stef Moony

Velvet follows Philippa, a bisexual knight who lives alone in a deserted castle with the ghosts of a kingdom she once served and protected. She stumbles through grief and strife until she is one day found and cared for by a newfound love. This story is loosely based on the fairy tale, the Twelve Princesses.

Prism Knights (The Anthology)

Released May 2022 // 1 Print Run
184 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-14-0
Cover Artist – Isa Melançon

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Meet the Cast

Fern Louise Lockhart — coquelicot // lamplight // sapphire

Fern (she/her) is one of the evils that inhabits this world. She faces everything with a fierce rage and antagonsim in her heart having been slighted time and time again for her skill with the blade. She channelled this energy into a terrible outcome.

Cordelia — coquelicot // lamplight // sapphire

Cordelia (she/her) is a princess turned knight after having been locked away in a tower for far too many a year. Now she seeks vengeance and, not knowing the circumstances of her captor, enacts this anger upon the world itself.

Agatha Rowe — coquelicot // bronze // lamplight

Agatha (she/her) is a young knight who struggles to reconcile with the horrors that once played out at her hands at the terrible influence of the Ghost Knights she apprenticed under.

Saeth — bronze // juniper

Saeth (they/them) is a young knight who finds themself in a loop of their own, struggling with a severely low self-esteem and learning to take control of their life and the space around them.

Ivy Keaton — lamplight // sapphire

Ivy (she/they) is a knight who suffers from loneliness and a grave sadness. She just about nearly gives up her own life until she is found and soon taught the value in living and to keep moving forward.

Dorian — juniper

Dorian (he/him) is a knight whose running from his own shadow, a dark blot in his past, a mistreatment of others by his own narcissism and sooner or later he must face it head on.

Lionel — juniper

Lionel (he/him) is a blacksmith who acts as a type of pillar for the troubled knights who come through his shop, for better or for worse of an outcome.

Larkspur — bronze // sapphire

Larkspur (she/her) is a dragon… shifter with a protective streak, trying to guide lost and wayward knights to their much needed happy endings.

Floyd — sapphire // velvet

Floyd (they/them) is a royal whose loved and lost and aims to put this worldly experience towards helping others navigate feelings of grief and terrible sadness.

Philippa Esquire — velvet

Philippa (she/her) is a knight whose lost gravely and struggles to pull herself from her grief, only to come to understand that sometimes, being okay is all one needs start with.

Where to Read This

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Other Print Iterations

This series has been around a little while (since 2017)! So there are a few different iterations of these books. Here they all are!