A Tempo

A Tempo is a short comic about a time-witch and a one-man-band who fall in love. Its a nice little one-shot romance/meet-cute.

Book Specs:
Author(s): Tas Mukanik & Winter J. Kiakas
Published: Windy & Wallflower
Print: Le Caïus du Livre
Style: Full colour // Sequential
Size: 6 x 9 Inches
Content Warning: N/A (for kids and folks of all age)

The Story

A Tempo follows a short story beginning with a time witch named Keena having a pleasant cup of tea at a small shop in the town square. Here she hears the sound of music, perfectly timed… until it is extremely not. She decides to give the performer a peace of her mind. The two seem to fall for one another’s quirks as Keena wonders why she’s troubled by this one-man-band and Quinn strives to time her music just right for Keena.

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Meet the Cast

Keena (she/her) is a time witch with a penchant for being a bit of a stickler for proper timing and synchronisation.

Quinn (she/her) is a hard working busker in the town square who likes to bring light and music to the town.

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