The Myth about Myths

The Myth about Myths is a series of visual dictionaries that document in short-hand some of the largest pantheons in antiquity (currently the series has only seen Greek Mythology).

Book Specs:
AUTHOR(S): Winter J.Kiakas
PUBLISHED: Windy & Wallflower
PRINTER(S): Le Caïus du Livre
STYLE: Full colour // Prose & Illustrated
SIZE: 9 x 6 inches
Content Warning: 16+ (mentions of violence, sexual themes, swearing & crude humour)

Greek Mythology

Released December 2018 // Print run: 6 zines & current edition
288 pages // ISBN: 978-1-7751641-9-7 

This tome covers roughly 230 greek deities, heroes and assorted ‘side characters’. This particular volume takes a more in-depth look into each story surrounding each of these mythic individuals with a funny little twist.

Where to Read This

The Myth about Myths books can only be read once purchased in PDF form on our shop.

Other Print Iterations

This series has been around since 2014 so it’s safe to say it has gone through several iterations (even starting off as a series of funny little zines)!