Lost Time

Lost Time is a middle grade graphic novel about a girl who flees and accidentally finds herself 65 million years in the past, walking among prehistoric creatures. This comic is a slow-burn story about what it means to be lonely even in a world full of life.

Book Specs:
Author(s): Tas Mukanik
Inks: Winter J. Kiakas
Published: Penguin Razorbill
Style: Full colour // Sequential
Size: 6 x 9 Inches
Content Warning: this book is for audiences 8-12 and will
contain scary imagery for younger audiences.

The Story

Pre-Orders Open January 2023 // Released October 3 2023
240 pages // ISBN: 978-0-5933270-5-0

Twelve-year-old Evie didn’t mean to get lost—especially in the Cretaceous period! Now she’s alone, without her parents or anyone else to turn to for help. That is until she rescues a baby pterosaur and raises it on her own. As the baby grows into a giraffe-sized flying reptile, which Evie names Ada, the two manage to to find a way to survive in the prehistoric wilderness.

But Evie will have to risk everything when she makes a discovery that may just be her only chance of returning home. Putting Ada’s flying skills to the ultimate test, the duo must embark on a journey halfway across the world—battling all nature throws at them, from fearsome dinosaurs to raging storms. Will Evie manage to overcome all the odds and find a way back to her family… or is she truly lost in time?

Where can i read this??

Lost Time is a graphic novel published by Penguin, Razorbill release October 3rd, 2023! You can find it anywhere books are sold both online & in person! We highly encourage people to look for local independent bookshops and to buy or order through them to upkeep local community systems!

You can also buy them directly through Razorbill (we’re hoping to be able to offer them in our own storefront and will update that page if we manage it)!

Meet the Cast

Lost Time has a small cast of characters but they are all still a colourful bunch!


Evie (she/her) may be lost in time but she’s a tenacious and resilient kid who is quick to scrounge up a means of survival. She is a hopeful sort, trying to stay positive in light of her terrifying situation.


Ada is a brand new Quetzalcoatlus and Evie’s best friend surviving in the ancient cretaceous. She’s a curious and playful sort and super protective of Evie.


Prince is a young Tyrannosaurus Rex who befriends a tiny human child who helps him back on his feet when he gets wounded.

Some Sample Pages


Lost Time has gotten a bit of traction in the media! Here’s what others (and Tas themself) has had to say about it!


The Artbook

Here are a few things we’ve been making to go with the graphic novel itself!


We decided to make an art book, collecting the years-worth of Lost Time concept work Tas created coming up with the story proper. Its a story that’s been around for many, many years and required a few story changes and character design tweaks throughout! We thought it’d be fun for Tas to have a place to share extra doodles and thoughts about her process.

Trinkets and Extras!

Here’s some of the fun extra’s we’ve been making for those who love the book so much! Thank you all for your support!!