Paint The Town Red

Paint The Town Red is a comic series centred around the drama between vampires and werewolves (among other supernatural babes) in the weird gothic city of Merlot. It is a slice-of-life with a sprinkle of action, a smidge of mystery and a punch full of drama.

Book Specs:
AUTHOR(S): Winter J. Kiakas & Tas Mukanik
PUBLISHED: Windy & Wallflower
PRINTER: Marquis
STYLE: Greyscale // Sequential Art
SIZE: 7 x 10 inches
Content Warning: 16+ (violence, swearing, sexual themes)
Trigger Warning: abandonment, trauma, abuse, body horror


Released May 2019
ISBN: 978-1-9895290-0-3
117 pages

The series begins with volume 1 and introduces Winona, “Winny”, a fairly new werewolf coming to grips with her new life, as she runs a shelter for werewolves with her friend, Odile. In the midst of past turmoils bubbling to the surface, Winny is faced, suddenly, with having to shelter a vampire.  

Volume 2: TURN & TURNED

Released January 2021
ISBN: 978-1-989529-11-9
140 pages

The series continues with volume 2 introducing a few more characters, most notably when Victoria brings a new werewolf home, causing Winona to face part of her traumatic past and finding closure. Later, a newly-turned vampire shows up on the Barlowe’s doorstep looking for refuge. Perhaps hoping to run from a history hot on their heels.

Volume 3: RED TAPE

Kickstarter, June 2022 // Released July 2023
ISBN: 978-1-989529-16-4 
124 pages

In volume 3 we are introduced to the rest of the eclectic cast of the series. Someone is after Jin-Ju, who could it be? The Barlowe gets a visit from their biggest sponsor, perhaps a werewolf from Winny’s past. Something strange is lurking in the shadows, more dangerous than even the vampires who lurk in Merlot…

Meet the Cast

Winona ‘Winny’ Barlowe (she/her) is a newly turned werewolf who has taken her trauma of being turned and funnelled this energy into the werewolf shelter she runs with her work-partner & long time friend, Odile. While she is very tough & stubborn sort, she cares deeply about the safety of those around her and will fight tooth and nail for fairness and equal treatment of all werewolves.

Emerson ‘Em’ Pines (she/her) is the werewolf who accidentally turned Winny. She’s been on the run since she was turned at a young age, looking for someone… but who? Em is a huge sweetheart and will gladly help out anywhere she thinks needs a strong set of hands. Though she is large and beefy, she has a massive soft side and would much prefer to talk things through than use force.

Jin-Ju Moon (they/them) is a very freshly turned vampire, only a few months young into their transition. They are a bit of a mess, scrambling away from their problems, ever fearful of facing them head-on. Jin-Ju is an anxious sort but will stand up for their friends and close companions. They are an impulsive sort which is often to their detriment but keeps them true to their heart.

Athena Kyrkos (she/her) is Persis’ sibling and closest friend. She is a bit more of the responsible one, the older of the two sisters and tends to take charge of a lot of the organisational elements between werewolves who live in Merlot (generational) and those who are stopping in and require help from the shelters around. She also runs a werewolf bar (yes, the same Athena’s from volume 1!)

Ursula (she/it/they) is a strange little creature that seems to skulk around the shadows of Merlot. It doesn’t seem like she’s a trustworthy sort, having some kind of baggage with Vic in the cast and possessed with some sort of need to track her down and get rid of her. It seems to be fixating on the vampires in the Barlowe…

Delilah (she/her) seems to take on some sort of leading role in Merlot. Not much is known about her just yet, only that there are plenty of rumours in her wake, suggesting she might not be the type of person whose bad side you’re like to be acquainted with.

Odile Brady (they/them) is a werewolf with a few more years of experience on Winny. They had a bit of a traumatic turn and grew close to Persis who walked them through their werewolf changes. Now they are the resident goofball with a great interest in the mysteries and goings on in Merlot. Odile will gladly sip any and all tea offered their way.

Victoria ‘Vic’ Darling (she/her) is a very well seasoned vampire with a love for life and all those within it. She’s a trans woman with nothing but love in her heart and a massive fondness for women of any shape and size. She’s a flighty sort, veering towards a very positive outlook on life though she has witnessed her fair share of tragedy, and will very gladly sit and listen to anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

Persis Kyrkos (she/her) is a ‘generational werewolf’ that is to say that she was born a werewolf through and through. She’s a stubborn, loud-mouthed firecracker who tends to rub people the wrong way until you take the chance to get to know her. She can be your most loyal ally or your fiercest enemy if you play your cards just right. She also seems to work for Merlot’s mysterious ‘Delilah’.

Ophelia Kiss (she/her) is the leader of the vampire coven in Merlot. She seems to have a bit of a scary reputation, not many folks are too keen to get to know her though she does seem to show quite a lot of concern for those she’s turned. She is a bit of an intimidating presence, enough that Jin-Ju is quite shy to be around her.

??? (she/they) seems to be another lurking sort in the shadows, perhaps in cahoots with Ursula.

??? (they/she/he/it) some sort of stranger in the woods…

Where To Read This

Paint The Town Red is released in its physical form first through crowdfunding campaigns and then available on our shop to order. Once the books and PDFs are up there, we slowly roll out a page every Wednesday and Sunday for folks to read online for free. Special thanks to HIVEWORKS for working with us to set up the website.

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