Sleepy Eyes Amphora Shaker Charm2023Available
Pretty Boy Dad Hat2023Available
The Art & Concept of Lost Time2023Available
Lost Time Wooden Charm2023Available
Lost Time (w/ Penguin Razorbill)2023Available
Augustine Sticker Sheet2023TBD
Dino Sticker Sheet (Reprint)2023Available
Ghost & Pepper Catblob Sticker Sheet2023Available
Paint The Town Red Sticker Sheets2023Available
Paint the Town Red Volume 32023Available
Augustine Volume 12023Available
“Radical Rex Says Have Gay Sex” Patch2023Available
“Suck It” & “Bite Me” Patches2023Available
Embroidered Keychains: King’s Grave Jr. & Amphoreyes & We All Fall Down2023Here, Here & Here
Lost Time Sticker Sheet2023Available
Tattoo Charms (Bicep, Blink & Boobies)2023Available
A Beginner’s Guide to the Lapeo Region2023Available
The Eyes of Antiquity2023Available
Harness Charms (Darling, Babe & Gorgeous)2022Available
Vampire Headshots2022Available
Prism Knights: A Short Story Anthology2022Available
Body Shapes2022Available
Theropods Card Deck2022Available
Myth Retold: Iphigenia2022Available
Prism Knights: Box Set2022Out Of Print
Prism Knights: Lamplight2022Available
Smoochquest 2022Available
King’s Grave2022Available
Prism Knights: Juniper2021Available
Prism Knights: Bronze (2nd Edition)2021Available
Prism Knights: Velvet (2nd Edition)2021Available
Prism Knights: Sapphire (2nd Edition)2021Available
Prism Knights: Coquelicot (2nd Edition)2021Available
The Magic Word2021Available
Paint the Town Red Volume 22021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Mini Monsters2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Cursed Mortals2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Titans of Tartarus2021Available
Myth Retold: Medusa2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: The Underworld2021Available
Myth Retold: Atalanta2021Available
The Greek Myth Collection: Olympians (second edition)2020-21Available
Myth Retold: Medusa (Risoprint Edition)2020Out of Print
Myth Retold: Iphigenia (Risoprint Edition)2020Out of print
Paint the Town Red Volume 1 (reprint of 1.1)2020Available
JAMS 2019-20Available
The Universe Collection: Solar System (second edition)2019-20Available
Greek Myth Collection: Tiny Heroes2019Available
Greek Myth Collection: Olympians 2019Discontinued
Prism Knights: Bronze (First edition)2019Out of Print
Vampire/Werewolf Lover/Fucker patches2019Available
Suck It & Bite Me2019Discontinued
Paint the Town Red Volume 1.12019Out of Print
Dino Days2019PDF
The Myth about Myths: Greek Mythology2019PDF
Prism Knights: Sapphire (First edition)2018Out of Print
A Tempo2018PDF
Prism Knights: Velvet (First edition)2018Out of Print
Bonebed: Aerodactylus2018Available in Silver
Bonebed: Microraptor2018Available
The Universe Collection: Solar System (first edition)2018Discontinued
Dinovember 2017 zine2018Out of Print
Delicious 2018Available
The Myth about Myths: Greek Beasts & Monsters2018Out of Print
The Sanity Circus: Character Charms2018Discontinued
The Sanity Circus: Artbook2018Out of print
The Universe Collection: Jupiter & Saturn (First Edition)2017Discontinued
Bonebed: Tyrannosaurus2017Discontinued
Bonebed: Archaeopteryx2017Available
The Sanity Circus: Mrs F. & Spycrow Enamel Pins2017Discontinued
The Sanity Circus Volume 12017Available
VVV Trilogy: Violoncellos2017Out of Print
VVV Trilogy: Violas2017Out of Print
VVV Trilogy: Violins (3rd Edition)2017Out of Print
Blackbird Pin2017Available
BadMouth: Ouverture2017Out of Print
Dinovember 2016 Zine2017Out of Print
Butcher Bird: Goretober Zine2017Out of Print
The Marching Band of the Dinosaurs (2nd Edition)2017Out of Print
Prism Knights: Coquelicot (First edition)2017Out of print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Lovers2017Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Titans2017Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Heroes (2nd Edition)2017Out of Print
The MaM: Primordial Greek Gods (2nd Edition)2017Out of Print
VVV Trilogy – SPX teaser zines2016Out of Print
BadMouth – The SPX Teaser2016Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Gods (2nd Edition)2016Out of Print
The Marching Band of the Dinosaurs (1st Edition)2016Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Ladies2015Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Heroes2015Out of Print
The Suitcase Circus Concept Zine2015Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Primordial Greek Gods2015Out of Print
The Sanity Circus Issues 1-42015Out of Print
Violins 2nd Edition2014Out of Print
The Myth about Myths: Greek Gods2014Out of Print
The Inventor’s Daughter2014Out of Print
Sleepin’ with Fishes Circus2013Out of Print
ObjectHeads2013Out of Print
Thanatophobia2013Out of Print
Little Mad Hattie2013Out of Print
Violins2013Out of Print