Myth Retold

Myth Retold is a series of short stories retelling mythology through a queer lens.

The Books

Content Warning: 16+ (violence, sexual themes)

Book Specs:
AUTHOR(S): Winter J.Kiakas
PUBLISHED: Windy & Wallflower
PRINTER(S): VidePress (Risograph editions) // Marquis
STYLE: Greyscale // Prose // Illustrated
SIZE: 5 x 7 inches


Kickstarter, September 2019 // Released September 2020
66 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-05-8

A princess, a priestess, a human sacrifice. Iphigenia is not the only woman to come upon such troubles in her mythology, but perhaps one of the lucky women to find favour at the hands of her patron goddess who gifts her the chance at a new life, free of restriction.
(Artemis x Iphigenia)


Kickstarter, September 2019 // Released October 2020
66 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-06-5 

Cornered as the elusive love-interest to the horrible God of the Sea, Medusa strikes a deal with Athena to save herself from a terrible fate. She accepts the chance to become a gorgon, a monstrous form which soon becomes a prize of considerable acclaim for warriors and heros across Ancient Greece.
Until one of these heros proves to be very different to those she’s faced before.
(Medusa x Trans Masc. Perseus)


Kickstarter, September 2019 // Released January 2021
70 pages // ISBN: 978-1-989529-07-2

Left abandoned at the wayside of society, Atalanta learns the feral ways of the wood and yearns for a life connected to a family. Her wishes are answered when the goddess, Artemis chooses her to be her champion, an ambassador of the goddess herself. She is made to study under her troupe of hunters, and falls head over heels in love.
Soon Atalanta must make the decision between following her destiny and staying with the love of her life.
(Atalanta x Dyktinna)

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