Montréal Comic Con

Ohboy, here she is, the show I (Winter) have been doing for exactly 10 years now. I remember aaaalll the way back in 2013 the way I used to look up to other artists who had been doing cons for 10 years and now uh… I Get It. We got a little thank-you card from the show (standard every year, they’re kind of sweet that way) that said they had been running the show for, like, 13 years. So, wow. I’ve basically been doing the show as long as it has been around.

Honestly the show itself has evolved a lot since I started. The last two years, something has really changed for us at this show and I could make myself pretty weepy for even thinking about it too hard haha!

What did our table look like?

One day I’m gonna have to do a proper table-retrospective… especially since I’ve been doing this con for 10 years, see if I can dig up my con table in 2013…

ANYWAYS– this is what we looked like this year!!

I uhm… cannot express how proud I am that THIS is what our table set up looks like for 2 tables!!

Top Selling Book: Paint The Town Red V3 & AUGUSTINE!!!!!
Top Selling Item: Greek Myth Pins!!

MUCH TO OUR TEARY SURPRISE– Augustine sold REALLY well at this convention. We’re both really happy with these books and absolutely over the moon that they took so well at this con. [insert about 50 sobbing emojis here].

What did we bring this time?

Like our MCAF post, these are going to be funny little estimates since this is a local con and we tend to restock every day depending on how things sell!

  • Augustine Ch 1 (10)
  • Paint The Town Red (V1 – 15 // V2 – 5 // V3 – 11 ) — sold out of V3
  • Prism Knights (Anthology – 10 // Single Stories – 10 each)
  • Myth Retold (10 of each)
  • The Sanity Circus (5)
  • Magic Word (10)
  • Smooch Quest (10)
  • Extinction (10)
  • Fakemon (8)
  • Objecthead Zine (5)
  • Embroidered Keychains (10 of each)
  • Card decks (25)
  • Magnets (5 of each)
  • Sticker Sheets (10 of each)
  • Charms (10 each)
  • Patches (10 each)
  • Enamel Pins (~10 of each) (we had to restock SEVERAL pins every day;;)

Was it worth it?

For us? Yes, always… it being local means we only have the table price to make back at the end of the day and we more than put ourselves in the black with this show in the last two years especially.

HOWEVER, I did hear from other artists and vendors that this show wasn’t doing the best for them personally. This particular con is a funny sort, if you asked me in 2019 whether I wanted to do it again, my answer pre-pandemic was always, ‘yes but only if the show starts to rake in more return.’ We honestly were about to cut it in 2022 if it didn’t start pulling its own weight. We were surprised that the changes we made to our set-up and stock really started pulling people in and really made the difference for us;;; I feel like folks are really spreading the word-of-mouth about our stuff which is really making a difference.

I feel like I also need to add that for some reason the craziest stuff happens when we’re trying to set up for this show. NEVER the convention’s fault. I feel like these guys are extremely professional and the staff is always very nice and sweet. Its always some weird shenanigan going on and this year was no different….

This show was a bit of a mess for us in the upstart. I should say, my brother who helps us haul our stuff to the con couldn’t get the days off Thursday or Friday– we also… got slapped with a Tornado alert on Thursday so on our way home from setting up the back display we got MAJORLY caught in the storm (it was a little bit terrifying running up from our nearest metro stop to home in the storming rain -50/10 do not recommend). This was all followed by Augustine Chapter 1 books arriving Friday mid-day because our printer ran into a snag that delayed shipment for 3 weeks. So I was stuck home a good part of Friday desperately waiting for Purolator to deliver before sprinting through the sticky humid heat with the rest of our stock to fill up Friday while Tas was scrambling to set up two whole tables Friday morning.

Basically: if you met us Friday and got a tired/lackluster response on our end this is certainly why.

REGARDLESS of all the chicanery, this year’s show was really fantastic. We got to meet and hang out with buddies on Friday. We got to meet with MANY of you amazing folks. Your words and encouragement really DO power us and the work that we do. We came home after this show really looking forward to making more of Augustine AND Paint The Town Red after all the nice words you had to say about them.

But hey that’s a wrap, consider bugging Otakuthon to letting us into the show maybe–

Just kidding–


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