July Newsletter – Where We Are

Hello everyone! This last month finally feels like all the whirlwinds for us have died down. We did our last big convention for a while, we got all the books we wanted in the mail, and we finished shipping out a Kickstarter. July has been more relaxing, yet still strange month for us–the weather has been nothing but extremes, between smoky smog, to heatwaves, to intense thunderstorms, so we haven’t really had a change to enjoy this time to relax as much as we’d like. But of course, we have some cool things to share with you all! As well as some upcoming plans.


Augustine is a webcomic following the titular character as she and her friends stumble into an ancient artifact that draws the attention of powerful assholes, bounty hunters, and old gods. You can read it online here.

We have a bunch of news for Augustine! First of all, those lovely new books for the chapter 1 print arrived! (Just in the nick of time for Montreal ComicCon, too!)

They’re available now in our shop! The printing came out so lovely! It’s also our first time really experimenting with gloss on the cover and we’re very happy.

The comic itself also now has a comeback date: August 24th! Chapter two will be starting very soon, we’re really looking forward to releasing this one.

Finally, during August we’re also going to be releasing a little spin-off of Augustine, called Augusteenies. These are small, newspaper-like comics that just follow jokes and tomfoolery from the main cast (and others!) It’s a fun little thing we’re doing to help introduce people to the comic’s cast, as well as add in all the goofs we wouldn’t be able to fit in the comic itself. We’ll be posting these comics everywhere–social media, Webtoons, Tapas. We also will probably include them at the end our newsletter posts every month! Here’s a little preview of the first one:


We talk a lot about our future plans, and at this point you’ve probably seen us flip-flop so many times–pull out new ones, shelve others, say we’re going to do one thing then the next thing you know, it’s something else. We’re constantly always trying to adapt. Since this is how we make our living, there’s always the chance we’ll need to prioritize something on a whim, just because it’s working, or might fit better, in the current landscape.

We’re in a bit of a weird interlude, right now. Social media is changing rapidly, and a lot of our usual sources are becoming unreliable. Pivots are going to have to happen–Augusteenies is an example.

Of course, though, we always have a line up of future projects we’d love to get to. It’s unknown when we can, sometimes we think something can only be done years from now, but then there’ll be a perfect opening. Who knows! Here’s what we currently have:

  • The Farewell Tour: a sci-fi one-shot graphic novel, about a runaway rockstar, Jax, who gets captured by a bounty hunter, Raddley. A mishap has them sent across the galaxy, and so a roadtrip ensues to get back and collect Jax’s bounty. Naturally, feelings might change along the way.
  • The Myth about Myths (Redux): If you’ve been with us for a while, you might remember The Myth about Myths, a little series of books Winter made detailing Greek Gods. They’ve been picking away at it again, recently, and hope to finally reprint the big book–with improved art and text!
  • The Curse of Blackwood Manor: This is likely slated to be Tas’s next published graphic novel! It follows the human Sam, as she visits her girlfriend’s, Boots, family. As it turns out, that family is a bit more of the monstery persuasion. Sam is cursed to impress the whole family or her life is at stake!
  • Moonshine, Heartbreaker, Wildcard: a series of 3 illustrated stories by Winter, following three rather disastrous sapphics as they toil for each other’s hearts–a bloodwitch, a cannibal, and a shifter. Each book is in the perspective of one of the characters.
  • Dromia: a prose (likely semi-illustrated) story by Tas. In a world where the meteor never struck the earth and dinosaurs gained sentience, the raptor Firefly gets tossed into a dangerous game of death and necromantic cults.
  • Myth Retold: Icarus: the next instalment in the Myth Retold series, which retells Greek Mythology but with a queer spin, by Winter. This one will follow the tale of Icarus, and deal with gender and relationships.

As we chip away at these projects, they’ll also be showcased in future newsletters, too! We hope all of these can see the light of day, eventually. Of course, we’ll also be going in more depth for all of these on our Patreon, and the best way to support us in making these projects a reality is there.


So with the state of a… certain social media site, we’ve had to start spreading out more. Of course, the best place to keep up with us is right here: our website, or newsletters. So you’re already pretty good to go, if you’re reading this! Nonetheless, if you’re interested in following us on social media anywhere, here’s where to go:

We’d of course love to see you there, too!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer! (Or winter, wherever you are!)


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