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September Newsletter – LOST TIME and SPOOKY SALE!

Oh BOY!! After a year of some kinda nothing updates, EVERYTHING is hitting us right now! We’ve been waiting all year for this! We’re so excited to finally announce so many things!! Get READY!

First, of course:


The book is hitting stores TODAY (October 3rd!). After the many years of working on this comic, and the full year of waiting, we’re overjoyed the comic is finally hitting the shelves and ready to go out in the mail.

Turns out it’s a pretty thick little book! We’re so proud of this one, and are an anxious ball of excitement and nerves that people FINALLY get to read it too. So much love went into this, and we hope it can be felt.

SO! What next? Well! The lovely people at Montreal local comic shop Crossover Comics has been nice enough to organize a little book launch for Lost Time at the end of the month! If you’re local to Montreal, or close enough to drop by, we’d love to see you there! We’ll be signing copies and offering other little Lost Time goodies.

In other news, in now a tradition with W&W, we have our October SPOOKY SALE running, and it’s the biggest one yet!

Everything–yes, EVERYTHING–on the shop is on sale! 15% off for the entirety of October! We don’t run sales often–in fact, this is about the only one we do–so this is a GREAT chance to snag some items for a really great deal!

Here’s some lovely offerings we have for the season:

Embroidered keychains: These are new from this year, and a couple of the designs are perfectly spooky. We adore the quality of these, and they’re just perfect for a keyring or backpack.

Paint the Town Red Volume 3: Don’t forget–we had another book release earlier this year! The third installment of Paint the Town Red, our vampire and werewolf (and demon?) series.

Suck It and Bite Me patches: Also new! Some large vampire-y and werewolf-y iron-on patches that are perfect for a nice spooky jacket.

This sale runs until the end of the month! Don’t miss out!!

Finally, a last little bump for our new Patreon: we’ve been buffing it out heavily the last few months. There’s loads of content on there, including volumes of Paint the Town Red, early access to Augustine pages and, of course, a selection of saucier pin-ups and drawings. This month, for this tier, we might be getting to see some mad science to fit the Halloween season…

Please check it out here, and consider supporting us! Everything always helps us get by.

Thanks as always for your continued support, though! Happy Halloween and spooky season to you all!

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