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Seven Deadly Pins LAUNCH

Our first campaign of 2024 is now LIVE!

The Seven Deadly Sins, all as beautiful gold plated hard enamel pins! These pins are all roughly 2″, and the red enamel is translucent, giving it a beautiful stained glass effect.

We even got our prototypes in, here’s some lovely photos!

The whole set will be, of course, 7 pins. But we have some bonus pins and unlockables waiting in the stretch goals, too, on top of other merch goodies.

You’ll be able to choose if you want any individual pin, or the entire set. (You can also add on more pins if you would like more than one, but not the entire set).

This campaign is a part of Backerkit’s Pintopia. What does that mean? We’ve partnered with another pin campaign, An Infinity of Pins! (Check them out here) How this works is that if you back our campaign, along with theirs, you’ll get a freebie pin from the both of us! The only way to get these pins is through this method!

We also both have some unlockable collaborated pins, that can be unlocked through stretch goals.

For our campaign, we also have some freebies for if you’re a returning backer from any of our previous campaigns (this includes our Kickstarters). You’ll get a free sticker sheet like below!

We have several stretch goals too, and would love to reach them to expand this merch line. Here’s a few that we have lined up, with more to come depending on how fast they fund:

We hope you’ll join us for this campaign! It’s the first we’ve made in a while, as well as a return to designing pins. Nothing wrong with indulging in a little sin, right?

The campaign ends April 18th. See you there!

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