September Newsletter: Kickstarter Aftermath

Hey everyone!

This was a weird month for us–it was mostly devoted to our latest Kickstarter. Therefore this newsletter is going to be pretty short and sweet. Let’s dive in!



Prism Knights is a series of short novels written by J, about queer knights, based around fairy tales.

Prism Knights is still being chipped away at, and we’re on schedule. Currently Juniper is almost finished being edited, and Lamplight is halfway through writing. We also have some cool news: the new versions of Coquelicot, Bronze, Sapphire and Velvet have been printed:

So where’s that leave us? Our plan going forward is:

  • Finish writing Lamplight and send it to the editors
  • Print Juniper
  • Recieve the cover art for Lamplight and print it
  • Format the Omnibus
  • Receive illustrations for Omnibus
  • Send Omnibus to print

And that’s it! We’ll keep you all updated on how that’s going.


We actually don’t have much new in the shop this month, as we’re winding down to the end of the year. Instead, here’s some features of things in our shop you may have missed:

A Tempo was the first comic that the W&W duo collaborated on! There’s only a handful left of this print run, so you’d like the first edition of our first comic together, about a cute time witch and a one-man-band, get it before it’s gone!

These Locker Babe magnets were designed by Winter, and have a nice matte finish. A perfect motivator for your gym locker? Or just a cute magnet to decorate your space? You decide!

We have only a handful of these Dinosaur Prints by Tas left, if you were interested in some colourful dinosaur posters for your wall!

Of course, our latest Kickstarter for the “King’s Grave” blanket was a resounding success, and we are currently in the process of ordering double what we had initially intended. Thank you to everyone who supported us! If you missed it, the blanket will be up for preorder in our shop soon.


That’s all for now… well, somewhat! Some of you may be aware that Tas is working on a whole graphic novel right now, and though it’s still in the early stages and only set to come out in 2023, here is a small preview!

Winter is of course lending their wonderful inking expertise here. But this is what Tas especially has been working on this month, which has taken a lot of time! We’re hoping to host some streaming while sketching the pages for it (along with SanCirc) in October.

Speaking of! Spooky season is almost upon us! We don’t doubt there will be some spooky sales in our shop, so keep an eye out!

Take care and stay safe,


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