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Halloween Sale on our Shop Now!

The Halloween Spooky Sale is going on right now on our shop, until the 31st! We have some great deals on plenty of our spooky books and pins, some for the first time!

Check out what we have here!

Here are some highlights:

Our Vampire x Werewolf series Paint the Town Red is both on sale (along with our vampire-y and werewolf-y merch!). Paint the Town Red is a comic series following Winny Barlowe, her vampire partner Vic Darling, and a large array of other characters in the city of Merlot–which appears to have more going on than meets the eye. Our newest installment, Volume 2, was released this year, and is some of our finest comic work. You can also get Volume 2 at the discounted price plus Volume 1.1 (the first print of Volume 1, the content inside being identical) for free! We highly suggest this option if you want to get into this series!

Our latest pin collections are on sale for the first time! The Underworld and Titans of Tartarus sets are both discounted for the spooky season. If you need some scary myth pins, look no further!

The Sanity Circus Volume 1 is on for probably its largest discount ever! This is the printing of the first 10 chapters of the webcomic, and with a limited amount left, now’s the best time to get your hands on the first edition of this printing!

Finally, VVVTrilogy is on for an extremely good deal right now: it’s FREE. That’s right! You only have to pay shipping for this set, but you can absolutely get all 3 beautifully illustrated novels at no cost!


Happy Spooky Season, everyone!


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