March Newsletter: Here we Go!

Hello hello! The season has really begun–conventions, campaigns, we’re really cooking now! We have a handful of cool stuff to show you, and some reminders on what’s going down the next couple months–because they’re busy.

The Seven Deadly Pins

As you probably saw in our last post, yes–we’ve now launched the Pintopia campaign for the Seven Deadly Sins! Since then we’ve funded and blown past several stretch goals. We’d love to keep the train going and unlock more!

Since I talked a lot about this one in our last post, I’ll link you there to read more about it.

You can also back it here! It ends April 18th.

Dino Loafs

Hey, remember those plushies…? We’ve had the prototype in hand for a few weeks now of our first design. Meet Rye the Microraptor!

We’ve also been prototyping the second design of the campaign and it’s nearly complete, we should have it soon! Meet Croissant the Sinosauropteryx!

In fact… why don’t we introduce you to all the loveable designs we’re going to have for this campaign?

We’re starting with a goal for Rye, but each design will unlock at intervals of 2k. We really would love to have all four of them for people to choose from! We will also be offering some other goodies, like a sticker sheet and wooden charm!

The Dino Loaf campaign will be launching April 23rd.

You can follow it RIGHT NOW to be notified when it launches!

Shop Stuff

We have a few new things in our shop. Including a new item we’re trying out: zipper pouches! We have four designs to pick from: Amphoras, Poppies, Bonebed and Harpies! Each of them also have their own custom charm on the zipper that matches!

Something else cool that we have now: Lost Time! That’s right–you can buy Lost Time directly through us now, on our shop! It’ll even be signed! Buying Lost Time anywhere still supports us, but if you wanted some direct support, this is the best place to go.

(Also worth noting, as you can see, you can now toggle between a few different currencies on our shop–USD and EURO! So you can get a more accurate idea of what the price will be.)

It also allows us to offer a special bundle deal. We now have the Lost Time bundle, which gets you the book, the art book, the keychain and the sticker sheet! What a steal!


We’re riiiight on the edge of convention season! We’ve been preparing for this aaaall year, so if we’re a bit scatted for April and May–this is why!

Here’s what we have lined up:

April 25-28: Calgary Comic Expo
May 11-12: TCAF (Toronto)
May 24-26: MCAF (Montreal)

We hope to see you all there!

That’s all for now–thanks for following us along, and we’re excited to bring all these new things to you!


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