October Update: Winding Down

Hello everyone! Spooky Season has (sadly) come to an end. November is now here and we’re slowly winding down to the end of 2022. This year has been so busy for us! October itself was spent mostly wrapping up things and restarting the projects that had to be put on hold for August/September. Let’s take a look at that, and also what to expect from us in these last two months:

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The Sanity Circus is a long running adventure webcomic about monsters, magic and mystery. You can read it online here.

SanCirc is now back to updating again!! As mentioned before, it had to be put on hold as Tas needed to hit her deadline for her graphic novel, Lost Time. But after taking some time to build up a buffer, it’s back to updating regularly again, every Monday and Friday!

We also have stumbled into some more Volume 1 copies of SanCirc, so those will be going on the shop sometime this week. These are the official last copies of this volume, and it won’t likely be printed again. Which brings the next question probably hovering over all of this: will SanCirc get a print edition ever again?

The answer to that is: we really want to. We love creating books, and having SanCirc in print is really nice. There’s unfortunately some problems that have come in the last few years regarding this, though, that have made this more difficult. SanCirc was created at a time when Tas didn’t really know about printing comics, so a good chunk of the comic was not made with printing in mind. This makes it harder preparing it for print, and considerably more time consuming. To reprint Volume 1, and improve it, it would need another huge overhaul. This is a lot of time we can’t afford right now. And speaking of afford–printing prices have skyrocketed since 2020. As much as we love to print books, we now have to be a little pickier with what we print, because prices are just that much more. Printing a full-colour, 300 page book is going to be pricey. And with it also being very time-consuming, we are left at a hard decision on what to do about this.

Currently, our plans to reprint SanCirc involve cutting the volumes down into smaller chunks–similar to its first printing, when it was just a handful of chapters in one book. This cuts down the time working on it, and also the cost. This is something, however, we’re probably not going to tackle until after the comic is fully completed. Right now, Tas wants to focus on finishing the comic, before going back to fixing it up for printing again.

Basically, the long and short of it: we do really want to reprint SanCirc again, but if we do, it’ll be different than it is now, and probably not for a little while.

(This might have been already discussed before, in which case, woops! Here’s a little reminder haha)


Augustine is a webcomic following the titular character as she and her friends stumble into an ancient artifact that draws the attention of powerful assholes, bounty hunters, and old gods. You can read it online here.

Augustine has also been still kicking during this time! It’s at a whole new scene now, with all the main cast introduced. We’re so excited to get into the meat of this comic!!

So now we’re into November, and soon December. We’re picking away at the webcomics we have updating, and planning on how we want to tackle 2023. Typically, this is the time of the year we try to take things easier, especially in December. As usual, we might not have an update in December as we try to take the month off. In terms of plans for 2023, we’ll have more in-depth ideas closer to then, but currently we’ve been pivoting on a lot of things. We’re hoping to finally move fully away from Kickstarter next year, and run campaigns on our website. We’re planning to create and print little one-shot comics (including reprinting A Tempo). We’re also looking into focusing on doing more digital content, since, as mentioned earlier, printing has gotten much pricier. Things like PDFs and Ebooks, with perhaps even more selections of prose.

We’re looking forward to where the end of the year and next year takes us!

Have a good safe November,

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