All of the current, and previous, comics that W&W has created and printed.



Augustine is a webcomic project, aimed to be a fun adventure comic full of laughs and heart. It follows the character August and her ragtag group of friends as they survive the treacherous land of the Crater… however, when they stumble into what may be an artifact of the ancient past, their lives are thrown into a much bigger loop as they trifle with bounty hunters and gods. It can be read here!


Paint the Town Red is a comic series, following the queer lives and dramas of a handful of werewolves and vampires in the gothic city of Merlot. The series focuses on the character of Winny Barlowe, who runs a werewolf shelter, and who one day takes in an injured vampire named Vic. The two form a relationship, but soon things begin to unravel as the city itself is harbouring some dangerous secrets. The books are printed in b/w and are released in volumes. So far Volume 1, 2 and 3 are available. They can be purchased in our shop.


The Sanity Circus is a long-running webcomic, that has also been printed in a few formats. Often referred to as just SanCirc, it follows the weird adventures of the main character, Attley, as she’s on the run from dangerous monsters called Scarecrow in Sanity city. She meets up with plenty of colourful characters to help her out, including a boy who transforms into a seagull, and sentient instruments that can become people. The story can be read online here, and the books can be purchased in our store.



Lost Time is a graphic novel published by Penguin Razorbill. The story follows the misadventure of Evie, a kid who got herself lost in time, quite literally, 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. Trapped alone in this strange world, Evie befriends a pterosaur she names, Ada to help her on her quest to get back home. This is Tas’ debut graphic novel with help & inks by Winter. The story can be pre-ordered anywhere books are sold (link for CANADA & USA) and releases October 3rd, 2023!



The Magic Word is a short adult comic about a magician’s assistant named Daisy finally getting the job of her dreams: the ability to work with the magician she’s long admired, Morgana the Magnificent. As it turns out, Morgana is willing to fulfill all of Daisy’s dreams. This story is 18+. It can be purchased here.


A Tempo is a cute short comic about a socially-awkward Time Witch named Kena, who stumbles into a one-(wo)man band performer named Quinn. After scolding Quinn for her poor timing, Kena can’t seem to get the performer off of her mind… This was the first full collaboration by the members of W&W. It is currently out of print but we hope to reprint it for now it can be purchased digitally.