All the prose (word books) W&W has printed and created.


Myth Retold is a series focusing on retelling Greek Mythology with a queer spin. Each installment focuses on a particular myth with a particular queer twist. The books have been printed in two separate ways; special editions of Medusa and Iphigenia were risograph printed with illustrations. Each version has now been printed without illustrations, but with a gorgeous new spot foil and uv gloss cover. So far there are three installments in the series: Iphigenia, Medusa and Atalanta. They can all be purchased in our shop.


Prism Knights is a six-book series encompassing colours of the rainbow, with each book focusing on a different knight character and a different queer identity. The books are small and narrow, fitting perfectly in one’s pocket. Although the series does have characters that weave through each book, each story can also be read individually. The books in this series are:

  • Coquelicot: Evil lesbian knights.
  • Bronze: A nonbinary, ace knight caught in a time loop.
  • Lamplight: A haunted trans knight learns to love the beast within.
  • Juniper: A tragic gay knight meets his blacksmith boyfriend.
  • Sapphire: A polyship between a dragon, a knight and a royal.
  • Velvet: A sad bisexual knight overcoming grief.

They are all available in our shop.